How Online Consultation Helps YOU move to France!

We at HelpExpats believe in providing personal guidance as we have been through the same journey as a student and we know how bad it gets at a certain point of time and help you by offering personalized solutions. We realized this need after we moved to France.

We believe in building relationships to provide you with a smooth transition from your home country to France. Within one hour we try to understand your needs and requirements for the services you are looking for.

How it helps you?

  1. This gives you a brief introduction to your destination city.
  2. The administrative formalities to be completed on arrival.
  3. Value for choosing our services.
  4. A constant buddy-guide to help you around, be it pre-departure or post-arrival.
  5. Give you insights and hacks about how to live like a local and feel at home.

This is why we are always ready to provide you with our first hour of consultation for free. Head over to Contact Us and book the first appointment with us for free. Hereafter we will be charging you with 10€/hr for the consultation.

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