Home Insurance Made Simple

No more paperwork. 100% digital. 0% engagement. From 3,99€/month

The 3 Reasons to Choose Lovys

Why is Lovys (much) cheaper?

100% Personal

Pick only the guarantees you need, without having to pay extra. Each of our customers has different needs and we know it. Getting the coverage you don’t need is a waste of money.

100% Digital

The paperwork, the beautiful offices and the mall stores are expensive. Our model is 100% digital and supported by dedicated algorithms and teams that help us to provide you with an efficient service.

0% Fees

No administration fees, no cancellation fees, no agent fees. In short, we hate the fees


Fire Protection

You are covered in the event of a fire or natural disaster, storm, snow, hail, strong wind causing damage to your home.

Burglary & Theft

If you choose this option, you are covered for theft and vandalism of any type committed inside your apartment. It's highly recommended that you chose this one when subscribing!

Water Damage

You are covered for the consequences of water leaks in your home. For example, after an overflow of your washing machine, the repair of walls, ceilings and floors is included in your contract.

Civil Liability

You, your relatives (and your declared roommates) are covered for damage caused to third parties. The compensation is covered by your Lovys insurance

Your Belongings

Protect everything inside your home. Benefit from a global coverage limit and protect your valuable assets with personalized guarantees

And Much More

You have other guarantees and options you can choose (such as school insurance for your children or even glass breakage protection).