Are you new to France and looking for a house? Seem to find the endless procedures too tiresome? HelpExpats are here to ease your day, smoothen the whole housing process and get you a home in the new country!

What should you know? – All the necessary documents required and mandatory rules to be followed to get your accommodation done correctly.

  • It is compulsory to have a confirmed accommodation before arrival in France for getting your visa.
  • You will be helped by us in finding a house as per your preference in the city, fitting your budget and documents needed for the housing paper-work to get the booking done.
  • Having a guarantor is compulsory for housing- it can be a French local or your parents (their bank statements showing sufficient amount for 12 months).
  • Electricity activation procedure to be done based on the facilities you get from the rented house.
  • House insurance is compulsory- as part of the civic liability clause its needed to cover expenses of the house in case of repair/ damage occurring during your time of stay.
  • In France, CROUS(centre régional des oeuvres universitaires et scolaires) is a network of student residences spread out across the country’s mid-to-larger cities and is organized according to regions.

It is advised don’t wait for your CROUS result to apply for housing and cause trouble in your visa process. (Note- If your get accommodation in CROUS, we’ll refund your money paid for the housing process to us!)

  • CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales) is a government aide given to students/ families which provides a monthly allowance of 50-200 euros

What services does the CAF provide?

On the main page of the CAF website at www.caf.fr, you will find a list of all the different services they provide. We don’t have the space to go into detail of all the benefits but the website is actually very good. Unfortunately, it is all in French!

Here is a list of the main services they provide:

  • Services for young children (PAJE)
  • Family Allowance (allocations familiales)
  • School Grants (allocation de rentrée scolaire)
  • Housing Benefits (allocation logement)
  • Moving Grant (la prime de déménagement)
  • Supplementary Benefits (RSA)

Documents to provide when you apply:

Depending on which benefit you are applying for the list can be different but, you should have at least the basic following documents needed to add, depending on the benefit you are applying for:

  • Passport or Carte de séjour
  • Recent Proof of Address (Bills in your name)
  • Birth certificates with an affiliation for every member of the family
  • Social Security attestation
  • Tax documents (Avis d’impostion)
  • Appropriate CERFA document
  • Bank RIB

Lastly, when it concerns French bureaucracy, I tell my customers to go by the rule ‘more is better’.So choose from our services and let us start help you settle in France way before your arrival!